My Black Friday…


This ottoman is retailed at $100 online, I got it for $15!

So, the Black Friday Shopping is over, the receipts are tallied, and I have caught up on MOST of my sleep. 🙂 I woke up at 3, and my friend and I went to 6 stores in 10 hours! We did not die, nor did we get run over by crazy shoppers (although we did manage to forget our keys, and I actually dropped my debit card…yikes…but found it again thanks to amazing sales associates who all had smiles despite the craziness)! It was a lot of fun! Here is the run down of my shopping trip.

It has been fun hearing from other of you!! Let me know about your great deals! I love to hear about people saving $$!

Since some of my purchases were Christmas presents, I will not be detailing my receipts, but I will highlight some of my favorite non-Christmas presents.

Total spent: $98

Total saved: $534


Dick’s Sporting Goods:

50% off clearance:

Men’s Basketball shorts $25

-on clearance for $12

-50% off

-$10 off $25 coupon (I split the purchase with my friend)



Fred Meyer’s

Beauty & the Beast $19.99

-$3 in-store coupon

-$10 coupon found here

-$5 Campbell’s Soup Rebate Beauty and the Beast/Campbell’s $5 Mail-In Rebate Offer

-$5 Western Bagel’s Rebate Beauty and the Beast/Western Bagel $5 Mail-In Rebate

=$3.01 Money Maker!!


About karikoupon

As a wife and mom, I want to save my family money so that we can be good stewards of what God has given us! This blog is dedicated to share what I am learning about saving money and being a godly woman.
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