Pregnancy Resource Center

Here is a little story for you. It is a story of how God provided in my life, and how He used the Pregnancy Resource Center as a BLESSING to my family.

A few months after getting married, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. He was ecstatic! He had always prayed to be a young dad, and the Lord was answering his prayer. I was so thankful to have such a supportive husband since the pregnancy was a surprise to us (but NOT to God!!). Children are a blessing from the Lord, every single one AND now we were going to have one to love, train, and teach about Jesus.

I was in between insurances at the time, and so I called up the insurance I thought was covering me to find out, that nope, I wasn’t covered. It was the first time in my life I wasn’t covered for insurance. It brought me to my knees as I asked God to provide for our family.

He did! A friend told me about the Pregnancy Resource Center and how they do FREE pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. By this time, I was VERY VERY VERY morning sick (which actually lasts all day, and for me, it lasted the WHOLE PREGNANCY…but that is another story, for another day. Take me to coffee and I can tell you all about it!). So, my husband lovingly drove me to the PRC (as I was green in the face and so so so weak). Sure enough, we were going to have a baby.

The ladies there were so kind and helpful. They said I could come back for an ultrasound since I didn’t have insurance yet. We did come back at about 10 weeks for the ultrasound and got to see our little son squirming around. He was so cute (and SO active). Here was a little miracle inside me!

After the ultrasound, the ladies gave me a HAND MADE QUILT! It was a beautiful Noah’s Ark print. I loved it because it is a story of how God preserved Noah and sustained him because of his FAITH in the midst of a rebellious world.

A few weeks later, we were signed up with INSURANCE! It was an answer to prayer. Still, the PRC called to check up on me throughout my pregnancy and even offered me a FREE class on nurturing my baby. It was a great class and I got to go with a good friend of mine.

When all is said and done, I would LOVE to volunteer there someday when things aren’t quite so busy for me as a mommy. I would also LOVE to donate baby things to them when I am done with them. Most of all, I really saw God work through this organization as He provided for the needs of my family during an uncertain time.



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As a wife and mom, I want to save my family money so that we can be good stewards of what God has given us! This blog is dedicated to share what I am learning about saving money and being a godly woman.
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