FREE Beech-Nut

Check out Beech-Nut’s starter kit! I got one in the mail and it was great. They include coupons for free rice cereal and baby food, and when you sign up you also receive coupons in their eNewsletter. Beech-nut also gives you coupons for purchasing their product. For every 48 UPC’s you send them, they send you a dollar off coupon. CLICK HERE to sign up!



About karikoupon

As a wife and mom, I want to save my family money so that we can be good stewards of what God has given us! This blog is dedicated to share what I am learning about saving money and being a godly woman.
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2 Responses to FREE Beech-Nut

  1. Drew H. says:

    Hey Kari,

    This is a long lost friend from your China expedition. I just thought I’d let you know of some stuff that Facebook is doing that lets you integrate social media in your blog.

    Check out Facebook’s ‘plug-in’ store front.

    I have an idea that I want to get online and would be interested in hearing how your blog’s interest is growing.

    Drew H.

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