$5.73 this week at Safeway!

Well, I was going to write with blissful excitement to say I got all of this for $3.73, but, as I was writing this post, I realized that there was an error on my receipt! Back to Safeway I will go because they credited me for three $2 off coupons for the Cottonelle when I only bought two.  Ah, too bad!  Still, 5.73 is NOT BAD for Colgate and two Cottonelle 12 packs. Plus I did receive a coupon for $2 off my next shopping trip for buying the Cottonelle.

Here’s the breakdown:

Colgate regularly $2.49

In Store Savings -1.49

Manufacturer Coupon -.75

Double Manufacturer Coupon -.50

Total for Colgate =  positive .25

Now for the Cottonelle! The 12 packs were normally 8.99 and were on sale for 4.99 with an in store coupon. Right next to the TP was what they call a ”Blinkie” machine, that pops out coupons. Well, they were $2 off coupons! So this is what I saved on those:

2 @ $8.99 each for Cottonelle TP = $17.98

2@ 4.00 In store coupons -8.00

2 @ 2.00 Manufacturer Coupons -4.00

Total for Cottonelle = 5.98

My total savings on the receipt (minus the error) was 14.75.

So, I will bring myself BACK to Safeway and straighten out this error. If you ever have an mistake on your receipt, either positive or negative, always make sure to work it out with Customer Service because they are GREAT! One time, they credited me for three free Betty Crocker Cake mixes because of an error on my receipt.



About karikoupon

As a wife and mom, I want to save my family money so that we can be good stewards of what God has given us! This blog is dedicated to share what I am learning about saving money and being a godly woman.
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2 Responses to $5.73 this week at Safeway!

  1. ivyrose says:

    where do u get manufacturer coupon?

    • karikoupon says:

      For the toothpaste I got it in the Red Plum coupon insert from the Sunday paper. I keep the inserts until they expire, so every week I look for deals in the store’s savings ad and then match the super good deals with coupons from those inserts! You can also get coupons online and print them or load them to your rewards card!

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